We are beyond belief to announce that House of Bread has been awarded the Queens Award Volunteering Services 2017. This is a huge achievement and a major piece of recognition of House of Bread and the wonderful people who give up many hours of their days and week to support the services HoB provides. This award is billed as the equivalent to an MBE for charitys and services who need volunteers to help provide said services. The many activites, support, help and advice that House of Bread is able to provide is only made possible due to the relentless efforts of every single volunteer. Whether that be spending 2 hours at a drop in, some time sorting food in the food bank or collecting surplus food from our many food supporters, it all helps towards House of Bread providing a crucial and celebrated service to the local people of Stafford and surrounding areas. Once more this award just goes to show the level of care and compassion we show our "friends" on a daily basis and continue to show over the past seven years at all our weekly activities at HoB. On behalf of all of them and ourselves we would like to thank everyone past and present for enabling House of Bread to be on such a prestigous level. Everyone at HoB, staff, volunteers, helpers and friends has had an important part to play in us achieving this fantastic award.


To celebrate such a recognition we at House of Bread will be thanking all our volunteers current and old at a celebration event in August at our Community Garden. Get ready for a party that will as ever be open to everyone as like our mantra has always been at House of Bread......ALL ARE WELCOME.

House of Bread will provide a meal, advice and support as well as a safe and welcoming place for all vulnerable people in Stafford.

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