At House of Bread we are commited to upskilling. Be this our Staff, Volunteers, Helpers or Friends we want to increase everyones skill base and we do this through various training programs.


Please find below details about traning days we have provided including the handouts we used if you came along and need to refresh your memory or want to find out what goes into our training days:



House of Bread take safeguarding very seriously making

sure everyone is kept and feels they are in a safe environment who ever you are. To this end we maintain a high level of safeguarding throughout our staff and aim to provide volunteers/helpers/friends with a reasonable level on understanding. Please find below our handouts used at a volunteers training day to provide level 2 standard safeguarding:



At House of Bread we meet many people in many places in their lives and to best equip our staff and volunteers we have training avaliable so concerns and issues in peoples lives can be spotted and help provided if appropriate and more importantly refferals made to professional organisations . Hoarding can become a major issues in many peoples lives at different stages and to various degreess. To help us spot the signs and be able to provide the best support avaliable on the front line please find below details of the training undertaken below......

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House of Bread will provide a meal, advice and support as well as a safe and welcoming place for all vulnerable people in Stafford.

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